Social Media Photo Sharing

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By accepting you agreeing to grant a licence of editing photos, tagging or no credit given.

You the owner of the photo(s) have to grant a licence to us. This allows Haus Of Hagendorfer to display your photo(s) and to make it accessible by users anywhere in the world.
Haus Of Hagendorfer retain the copyright of your photo's when you upload it to social media platforms, but the following requirements will apply:

Anything I publish on the platform is sub-licensable, I will always ask YOU the owner permission prior.

You will not receive any royalties for the content Haus Of Hagendorfer publish on the website or social media accounts.

Requesting the removal of your photo(s).

Please request your image to be taken down by submitting an email to and send the image you wish to be removed from our website or social media accounts.

Your images may still appear online even after you delete your account

If you have deactivated your account, your images will still remain on our website or social media accounts.

Keep an eye on updates to the terms and conditions

We regularly update terms and conditions at any time and continued use of the service might signify your acceptance of the changes. It’s a good idea to check these updates for any changes to the terms and conditions that may affect your rights on a regular basis.

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Haus Of Hagendorfer