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Lay by

Lay-By Terms and Conditions

All lay by agreements run for  a maximum of 8 weeks. If the customer fails to maintain the installment agreed by that period, Haus Of Hagendorfer reserves the right to cancel the agreement and place items back online. 


Payments are made through Paypal and we only accept Paypal payments.

 Collection of Goods

No goods will be shipped prior to all payments received. No alterations can be made. 

Customer Cancellation of Lay By Agreement

You are entitled to cancel your Lay By agreement at anytime prior to goods being shipped. All funds paid, less cancelation fee of $10. All funds will be refunded through a PayPal only. 

Company Cancellation of Lay By Agreements 

Haus of Hagendorfer may cancel the Lay by agreement if the customer fails to meet payment schedule and applicable termination fees will apply where the customer failed to comply with agreement.

Termination Fees

Haus Of Hagendorfer are entitled to charge a reasonable termination fee for Cancellation of lay by agreement. The fees applicable to your agreement is $10 .

To source more information regarding your right under the lay by agreement, you can locate on the following website"